The Unique Churches of Ireland

There is a unique thing about architecture in Europe, which makes it a renowned attraction to admirers all over the globe. Since medieval times, churches in Ireland have undergone untold development in terms of design, layout, and belief. One unique feature of the churches in Ireland are their special artistic designs and breathtaking views. Dublin, the main city in Ireland has ancient cathedrals and churches. Spending only two days in Dublin leaves a clear impression on the senses. Exploring the uniqueness of the country cannot be successfully accomplished if one does not take note of the inherent beauty situated in the numerous places of worship. Ireland is known to preserve various large churches, and it is quite a task to choose which one would be best to visit. Regardless of the number of years that you have spent in the church in your early years, it is necessary to appreciate the striking beauty of the churches here. The more notable churches include:

Christ Church Cathedral

This is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world and is strategically located on the brow of a hill. The church is built in such a location that you can view nearly all of Ireland from it. Its construction dates back to the 11th century. It underwent extensive renovations towards the end of the 19th century and stands strong till this day. The interior design is as remarkable as the exterior. The roof is made of stone and it leans towards the north by almost 18 inches. The stone roof is strong to date in spite of other contemporaries of it collapsing. This early church was mainly administered by the secular clergy, though this changed towards the 19th century when Victorian style leadership was instituted. If you stand in the church, you would be unable to note the difference between the parts that were renovated in the early ages and those done in recent times. However, it is possible to find some medieval designs in the “crypt” which mainly holds old-time carvings.

St. Patrick CathedralSt. Patrick’s Cathedral

After touring the Christ Church Cathedral one might think that this was the end to amazing architectural designs in Ireland. However, walking a short distance away will take you to another striking beauty – St. Patrick”s Cathedral. This church may not have the same design and reputation as Christ Church, but it is still breathtaking overall. Most people would argue that the interior design is better than its rivals, especially considering the modern features which have been put in place.

The Gothic architecture in St. Patrick”s Cathedral is one of the best in Ireland. The cathedral sits on St. Patrick”s Park, where one of the largest slums in Ireland was located. Fast forward to today, the same area is a now a prime area and an amazing spiritual refreshing point for Christians. The spectacular beauty of the church interior is one of a kind. It is made in memory of the soldiers who were killed during the fight with the armies of Britain. There are several flags located on the roof of the church in memory of the regiments that participated in such battles.