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Ireland is politically divided between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The main religion in the country is Christianity, and the main domineering church is Catholic, with over 73 percent of the Irish population being at least nominal members. Ireland has a rich history and the religion in the country dates back to several centuries during the time of the missionaries. The Irish constitution asserts that the state does not in any way endorse any given religion, since this might be seen as controlling citizens and how they worship. We have seen that this administration has given people the freedom of associating with any religion of their choice. Our website outlines the main religions in the nation and further helps the reader to gain the ability of understanding the history of religion in Ireland.

Though the country is predominantly a Christian state, we have established that there are other minor religions, most of which do not have much of a following. Once you visit our website you will realize that even though the Catholic Church is the largest in the country, it has undergone a great metamorphosis owing to a big decline in the numbers of attending members. Moreover, other major Christian denominations have also seen a decline in the numbers of their followers. The main denominations that have been benefiting from this situation are the evangelicals, since they have been eagerly registering new members trooping in from other churches. However, evangelicals still have few members compared to the other main religions as you will find in our website.

Religion in Ireland has grown from the days when there were many people who did not believe in the existence of God to the current times when the numbers of Christians have greatly increased. The Presbyterian church of Ireland as well as the Methodist Church of Ireland are other significant denominations that are prevalent. Muslim and Hindus have also increased, even though their numbers are fewer when compared to other religions.

Our website has critically analyzed how religion has grown in Ireland, and as visitors to our site will find we have addressed ourselves to the issues that have made religion grow in Ireland. Particularly the strides that the country has undertaken in legalizing religion. In view of this we note that immigration has been a main cause of religious growth in Ireland, especially of the evangelicals, Hinduism, and Islamic religion groups. The religious situation in the country has greatly changed, and this is a situation worth some commendation.

The constitution of Ireland as enacted in 1937 was mainly to replace the Constitution of the Irish Free State. The latter had been in use since Ireland gained its independence. Our website explains the gaps that existed in the former constitution in matters pertaining to religion, its growth and metamorphosis.

The 1937 constitution as we have analyzed gave special mention to the Catholic Church since it then had the majority of the Irish population as members. It also mentioned several additional Christian denominations, as well as Judaism. Just as the rest of the European states underwent secularization, Ireland was not spared in the process. There is an article in the constitution that paid special mention to the Catholic Church and other religious groupings. The article as our website explains was done away with when a referendum on the constitution was performed 1972. The constitution retained article 44 that underscores the commitment of the Irish government to accept worship of the Almighty God only. We view this is a critical milestone in ensuring that the country is not invaded by cults that could mislead a majority of the population.

Catholic SchoolWe applaud the decision by a number of churches, especially the Catholic Church in taking the decision to run several schools in the country. Even though these schools get their funding from the state, they are being run by churches, and rescue kids from being radicalized by various sects that could jeopardize the future of the nation. Several religious groups have teamed up in Ireland to also try and finance various private schools, even though their efforts have not borne much fruit. We respectfully advise parents visiting our website that they are at liberty to withdraw their kids from having religious lessons in Catholic schools if they so wish. Education is a sector that has been greatly affected by the rise of religion in Ireland, and our website underscores the need to have religion controlled in the country.

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